What is the WhatsApp Web beta chat lock update?


  • Web.WhatsApp is going to get a chat lock feature soon.
  • It’s currently in testing and should be available to everyone in a future update.
  • This feature was seen with the new WhatsApp web interface which is also being tested.

WhatsApp’s chat lock feature now seems to be expanding to desktop users as well. This feature was spotted testing on the latest version of WhatsApp Web Beta. and It’s believed that it will work in the same way as it was introduced for smartphone users last year. WhatsApp Chat Lock feature adds a layer of security and privacy to your chats. This was later boosted with the introduction of ‘Secret Codes’ which can keep your locked chats even more private, and hidden from everyone else.

Everything here we know so far about the WhatsApp Web Chat Lock feature.

Chat lock feature will be available on the Web.WhatsApp

  • Currently, WhatsApp is testing the chat lock feature for its web app. This feature is not available in beta yet but is expected to roll out in a future update.
  • This was spotted by WABetaInfo, who shared a screenshot of the feature and explained what it will look like when it is released.
  • The WhatsApp Web Lock feature will be visible through a lock icon on the right side of the app. If you tap here you will get access to all your locked chats.

Chat lock feature

The above screenshot also shows what the new WhatsApp web interface will look like with the chat lock feature. This interface. which is currently in development and may have just begun to be available to some users, features major design changes. There is now a side panel that contains your chats, status updates, communities, locked chats, archived chats, and starred messages. You also have the Settings menu at the bottom. It not only gives a clean look but also gives easy access to all WhatsApp Web features.

WhatsApp Chat Lock: How does it work?

Coming back to Chat Lock, this feature essentially lets you keep certain chats locked with your fingerprint or facial recognition. The folder will also be hidden from your chats and you will have to slide down to access it. Only you will be able to unlock the locked folder and open the chat.

You can keep it even more hidden with a secret code. This lets you create a secret code that you can type into the search bar for your locked chats. If you have a secret code enabled, it will be as if that particular chat doesn’t exist on your WhatsApp.


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