The Galaxy S24 Ultra – Drop test How durable is it: Here’s what happened


  • The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra was dropped multiple times to see if it breaks or scratches.
  • The S24 Ultra drop test shows the level of protection offered by the Gorilla Glass armor and titanium frame.
  • We will learn about the improvements offered by Gorilla Glass Armor on this phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – drop test video is out, we got to test the new Samsung flagship with its new flat design, titanium frame, and Gorilla Glass armor on the front. and protection is offered by Gorilla Glass on the back. Let’s see how well the device performs in this durability test.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – Dropped: here’s what happened

  • YouTuber PBKreviews dropped the Galaxy S24 Ultra from waist height. The first time itself, a slight crack appears in the upper right corner of the phone’s screen.
  • In the next fall, the upper left corner also chipped a bit and in the fall after that, the titanium frame shattered in various places. However, there has been no major loss.

  • So, the tester concluded that the titanium frame does its job but Samsung could have used better glass on the front. However, the Gorilla Glass armor in use is 3 times better in drop resistance and 4 times better in scratch resistance than its competitors.
  • Samsung Galaxy’s beauty is that the display works fine even after repeated drops, and there is no noticeable damage to the back. The screen managed to remain scratch-free even after pouring and scrubbing with sand and gravel.
  • Additionally. The phones mostly fell with the screen facing forward, even though the YouTuber tried dropping the phone from different sides. Therefore, it was not a very systematic test and the results should be taken accordingly only.

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  • In comparison, the back glass of the iPhone 15 Pro series broke in a drop test by EverythingApplePro. The titanium frame showed scratches and the screen cracked when dropped from waist height.
  • Beyond the testing and results, the Gorilla Glass armor on the Galaxy S24 Ultra is said to be capable of reducing reflections by up to 75 percent.

In the coming days, we may see more such tests, which can give us a better idea of the power and capabilities of the phone. we will keep you posted.

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